A place for USA and english language fans to share and talk about #SixTONES updates at the top scroll down for older posts, will update as often as i can. I am just a new fan girl and i think they are super cool.

The boys out of their homes and in the world , socially distant, reacting to their video for NAVIGATOR with drawings and giggles

Seems like Hokuto’s birthday is tomorrow – By Jesse
Hokuto – Apparently

Taken from the SixTONES instagram stories. Took me forever to realize there was a Jesse under all those shades … lololol

it’s been a long time since i have updated. sixtones instagram stories have a lot of photos i tried to save them all

Happy Birthday Juri , celebrating his birthday on 6/15 !! The rapper of #SixTONES and driver ,lol

Happy Birthday Jesse!! Turned 24 this year on 6/11 2 days after mine ! lol
his english is perfect and he is very handsome much love to #jesse

anyone care to translate???
might have shared already but… why not more?
SixTONES from home


Matsumura video…his hair is getting so long , anyone like to translate?

New video up on their youtube page every friday, this week competing but not competing and just silliness

Telephone , dance version with and without pompoms

Woke up this morning with Jesse playing the guitar and singing on their instagram story
I was told the song he is singing is Someiyoshino” by Domoto Tsuyoshi of KinKi Kids

they also update their Instragram stories aften too

Every Fridays they update their Youtube page with a new fun video.

This week they were dancing with pompoms to Telephone. I didn’t know of black pompoms!

Let’s start with fact that they just celebrated their 5 year anniversary. Congrats!! All the fans wanted #ImitationRain to have 20million views on youtube to please their favorite band to be happy. #ImitationRain did exceed 20 million views in a very short period of time.