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#iheartjrock 1/21/2023 is up!

#iheartjrock 1/21/2023 is up!

our 80s request this week.. still shocked DJ Silent never heard it XD
John Lennon Woman

Some requests
Runaar – 冒険者のイントロ
JO1 – We Good
BE:FIRST – Move On

翔さんHBD🎂 #櫻井翔 #ARASHI #嵐海外ラジオオンエア #嵐
Arashi – T.A.B.O.O
Jun Matsumoto, Sho Sakurai – come back

some more requests!!
RIKU (THE RAMPAGE) – Stand by you
Various Artists – FIRED UP
kINKI Kids – Story of Us
kINKI Kids – 妙なMotion
ジャニーズWEST – Special Love
King & Prince – NANANA

Congrats to SixTONES and their 3rd year since their debut! They have come a long way. The new album is very different, but very enjoyable.
SixTONES – Imitation Rain ( still a beautiful song )
SixTONES – Cat Call ( we speak cat XD )

Brand new music frtom BabyMetal!! \m\

Happy Birthday AOI!!!🥳🎉
the GazettE – DAKU
The GazettE – ROLLIN’

SID – sleep
Alice Nine – Mandala
A9 Rainbows
D’espairsRay – LOVE IS DEAD

New album with all their great songs
ARLEQUIN – Kageboushi

Some more requests, punk and funk
TH eROCKERS – セルナンバー 8 (第8病棟)
ENDRECHERI – Crystal light

YouTube player

Background sounds. DJ Sakura and DJ Silent are back playing Skyrim! It might be over ten years old, but it still looks great XD

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