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#SakuraUnderground TIKI TIME !!!!

#SakuraUnderground TIKI TIME !!!!

Welcome back to another #SakuraUnderground! This week DJ Silent wanted to culture our listeners of legendary musician, Martin Denny, without him we would never have exotica or tiki time!!

A request for a stompy song made DJ Silent go into a 90s retro industrial moment.

And DJ Sakura666 spins some music from Japan!!

Next week #iheartjrock will be attending The Last Rockstars performance in NYC and will not be live. There may or may not be a new #SakuraUnderground. We will advise.

Playlist below!

Martin Denny
Pagan Love Song
Sake Rock
Quiet Village – Edit

My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult
Kooler than Jesus
We Believe

1000 Homo DJ’s
Supernaut (Thanks for the request!)

Nine Inch Nails

Electric Hellfire Club
Unholy Roller (DJ Silent’s pick)
Mr 44. (DJ Sakura pick .. Ted Bundy sample)

The music from Japan to follow
The Last Rock Stars
The Last Rock Stars (Paris Mix)

Flowers (New)

BBZ Ballistik Boyx from Exile Tribe
Touch the Sky (request for #iheartjrock)

Do The Thing! 🤘

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