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#IHEARTJROCK June birthdays part 1 2023

#IHEARTJROCK June birthdays part 1 2023

Welcome back to another #iheartjrock! It’s another 3 hour podcast with music from the #80s, some #jpop and #jrock and we celebrated “Birthday” DJ Sakura666 and Jesse from #SixTONES! Thanks for the birthday wishes on the IHEART JROCK Birthday wishes page for #SixTONES , 3rd year! Maybe 6 year, it will get noticed XD
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Past Jesse birthday #iheartjrock, located –> HERE <–

10 facts from DJ Sakura666 about Jesse!

  1. Born June 11th 1996
  2. Tall with long legs and arms
  3. Goes to the gym a lot, eats heathy, thinks positively.
  4. Loves Donald Duck and does a great impression of him
  5. He has the best laugh! It makes me laugh when I hear it
  6. Models, I have ANAN , FINEBOYS, TARZAN and a lot more thank you #teamsixtones
  7. He religiously updates his blog everyday with a selfie. Sometimes he let’s us know his charge amount!
  8. He likes to eat and he is a now called MR Archery he is amazing with a bow! He also walks on a tightrope!
  9. He is funny, silly, handsome, caring, charming, half American(father) and Japanese(mother), so he can speak English and Japanese.
  10. He likes Kinki Kids, Tsuyoshi Domoto, Koji Tamaka, Bon Jovi and Daft Punk and so many others

Playlist below! Thanks for all the requests! 🔽

  1. The Beatles Birthday
  2. The Sugarcubes – Birthday
  3. Queen Bee – HBD
  4. Katy Perry – Birthday
  6. Arashi – Welcome to our party
  7. Jesse & Hokuto Matsumura – 愛という名のベール
  8. SixTONES – Chillin’ with you
  9. Jesse x Shintaro Morimoto – Louder
  10. SixTONES – Mad Love
  11. Jesse and Juri Tanaka – Extra VIP
  12. King & Prince – ツキヨミ
  13. Tomohisa Yamashita – I See You **NEW**
  14. Bananarama – Venus
  15. The Bangles – Walk Like an Egyptian
  16. Hanako Oku – Garnet
  17. NiziU – ASOBO
  18. Repezen Foxx – Respect My Life
  19. Travis Japan – Moving Pieces
  20. RIKU (THE RAMPAGE) – Stand by you
  22. MAN WITH A MISSION – Memories
  23. MAN WITH A MISSION – Focus Light
  24. sumika – Starting Over
  25. Boris – Heavy Friends
  26. Sheena Ringo – Watashi wa Neko no me
  27. millennium parade & Sheena Ringo – 2045
  29. SUPER BEAVER – 名前を呼ぶよ
  30. ONE OK ROCK – Deeper Deeper
  31. BREAKERZ – Summer Party
  32. OBLIVION DUST – Everyday Negative
  34. THE ORAL CIGARETTES – Catch Me (feat MAH)
  35. Petit Brabancon – Miserable
  37. Toki – Anima (feat. Sena)
  38. In The BLOOD EYES – Crazy Lemon
  39. ENDRECHERI – 愛scream

Received the new single from
#ジャニーズWEST -しあわせの花
Thank you for gifting it to me! I played it in the background during the night.

Below are the videos that played in the background during the night. I got links to someone’s favorite band called Noodles, who have been around for 30 years! Also #SixTONES videos from their #YouTube page. Then the time Jesse played and sang Someiyoshino and recorded it, and I snagged it. It’s beautiful. I would like to hear him cover it. Again, Happy Birthday Jesse 6/11 27 Years old! 🌸❤️🎂 oh also #BeFirst live and #SexyZone 80s hit !

Some photo’s from the night.

Speaking of photos!! DJ Sakura666 was taking selfies during #iheartjrock, she was using the filter for TIK TOK called AI Anime or something like that. It was used in the TIK TOK videos below. All the images were super duper scary and distorted, nothing looked normal at all. Nothing was saved because it freaked DJ Sakura666 the fuck out!

So next week, ghost hunting in VFR

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