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Thanks for coming back to another 3 hour #iheartjrock!!
Playlist below!

#80s and DJ Silent’s #SilentTime all together 🥰🥰🥰

ArtistSong Title
The Beach BoysKoKoMo
RockwellSomebody’s Watching me
Night RangerSister Christian
Thompson TwinsLay Your Hands on Me

moving on the #JPOP

Artist Song Title
NiziU Poppin’ Shakin’ (English Version)
JO1 Trigger
SixTONES Drive
The Rampage from Exile TribeBIONIC
Ballistik Boyz from Exile TribeWe never die
BE:FirstSmile Again
Tomohisa YamashitaBeautiful World
ArashiI’ll Be There

moving onto some #FUNK and #JROCK

Artist Song Title
ENDRECHERISuper miracle journey !!!
ENDRECHERIone more purple funk -硬命 katana-
King & PrinceMy Teasures*
ジャニーズWESTWest Power**
KINKI KIDS Morning Glory***
The Molice Control Control
Oblivion Dust falling
Oblivon Dust Lust & Graffiti
millennium parade & Sheena Ringo Work
JUN SKY WALKER(S)Sobani Irukara
ONE OK ROCKFree Them (feat. Teddy Swims)
ARLEQUINSekai no Owari to Yoake Mae
MUCCI Wanna Kiss
The GazetteFadeless
Psycho le CémuLOVE IS DEAD
L’arc En Ciel“good-morning Hide”
Man with a Mission86 Missed Calls (w/ Patrick Stump)
* this artist doesn’t usually have rock like sounds, ** this artist are known for their powerful rock anthems *** another band not focused on rock and roll type music.

There were no videos in the background this week. Sorry!!

Next #iheartjrock will be kicking off the SPRING FUND DRIVE at valley free radio. Tune in from SUN 12A May 14th EST until 1AM to help start the drive. Locals can send money in person, or check in the mail. Overseas and far from locals can go to and send a tax free donation there. Still not sure if Japan can use PayPal system yet. Please let us know!!

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