Sakuraundergroundhbd diamanda galas and more!!

Sakuraundergroundhbd diamanda galas and more!!

Welcome back to another SakuraUnderground! DJ Silent had a big birthday block for Diamanda Galas, we also celebrated the begining of September and the start of the ‘ber’ season, there was a request. DJ Sakura also picked some oldies, some music from japan, and we threw in the new song from Duran Duran.

Playlist below

  1. Scraping Foetus off the Wheel – I’ll Meet you in Poland baby! HP(homepage) **highly offensive content**

DJ Silent birthday block of Diamanda Galas !! Her birthday is 8/29 , she turned 68!

2. Double Barrell Prayer (classic, loud and with lots of piano and shrills. We had played on #iheartjrock in the past)
3. I wake up and I see the face of the Devil (this one is a bit unnerving and unsettling. It’s loud, there are moaning and screams and it indeed sounded like we were in hell)
4. I put a Spell on you which is a cover of a classic song! It’s really great!

5. The Birthday Party – Nick the Stripper Classic punk rock goth classic, link to the website we discussed — >
6. Einsturzende Neubauten – Feurio! Classic industrial rock from one of the classic industrial rock bands of all time! EN on Patreon
7. Killing Joke – Wardance 2003 reworked classic! Just a bit of a difference in this version. Still love it. KJ HP
8. Duran Duran – Danse Macabre Newest single from the band, here is a write up about the upcoming album on their HP
9. Filter Hey man Nice Shot!! our request!! thanks for the request! Filter are currently touring with Ministry, Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper Freaks on Parade Tour!! Check it out in USA!
10. SIM – Sad Song HP SIM are also touring USA opening for Dance Gavin Dance
11. Repezen Foxx, Oak Soe Khant – To the Top Request for #iheartjrock that didn’t make it this week!!
12. Ballistik Boyz from Exile Tribe, Gulf Kanawut All I ever wanted
another request for #Iheartjrock, this BBZ track has a Thai actor/model and now singer!

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The cozy fireplace we were huddled around!

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