Lead singer from Heavensdust, releases new music, video and more!

Metal band #Heavensdust have been around for 20 years this year. Front man Shin, is continuing his journey, solo with an upcoming EP being released in early March. His new video ‘I’ll be there’ is a sweet light, experimental, acoustic number with shots of him and his child reassuring him we will be there. Surprised by a sample nearing the end of the song. #iheartjrock has been a big fan of #Heavensdust and Shin since before #iheartjrock was a thing. Wish Shin all the best to his new EP.

Buck Tick update 💖🤘🎶💐

Buck-Tick will be releasing a new single in 2020. It will be called, ‘Fallen Angel’. Releasing Wed 1/29.

Last year, No 0 was released world wide and available on streaming services for the whole world to listen to! #iheartjrock was so happy to play Babel, Moon , Ophilia, ignite, over the airwaves in the pioneer valley, also streaming on valleyfreeradio.org !

Then one after the other Buck Tick releases appeared on Spotify for out listening pleasure.

Who ever said ‘Rock is dead’ is simple minded and uncreative. This band has been around for 30+ years and still rockin’ along with several other rock bands I play weekly on #iheartjrock.

Tune in Sat 10p est on 103.3fm wxojlp northampton streaming on valleyfreeradio

#iheartjrock ❤ KAZ 🎂

greetings #jrockers !!  It’s your mid-week reminder that #iheartjrock is on Saturday 10pm est on 103.3fm wxoj-lp northampton streaming on valleyfreeradio.org
This week we are celebrating our favorite #jrock #guitarist KAZ from #VAMPS and #OblivionDust playing bands he has appeared in and reading birthday wishes/get well soon messages on the air, and also posting them to iheartjrock.wordpress.com
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